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Our Sweet Relief Loose Tea is a handcrafted, all-natural tea blend with a potent infusion of a pharmaceutical-grade, 99% pure cannabinoid (CBD). Our hemp infusion is non-psychoactive and contains no THC. Instead, relax with a calming sensation at a high-strength CBD level. To activate the benefits of marigold and blue mallow flowers, steep one serving of our tea leaves in hot water for maximum flavor infusion and health benefits. Jumpstart your mornings with this delicious caffeinated brew for increased productivity and focus throughout a busy day.

1 g (1/2 tsp) tea……………..7 mg CBD
2 g (1 tsp) tea………………14 mg CBD
Brews 16–32 servings.

Ingredients: Black Tea, Marigold Petals, Blue Mallow Flowers, Natural Flavoring, 224 mg CBD Oil, Contains Caffeine

Sweet Relief

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