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Our facials are a harmonious blend of ancient wisdom and contemporary techniques, each meticulously curated to provide a holistic approach to healing and rejuvenation. Rooted in the wisdom of our ancestors, these treatments encompass the best of both worlds. They cater to diverse skin needs, addressing concerns from oily and inflamed skin to dry, aged, and sensitive skin types. With rituals like Wim Hof breath techniques, Ujjay breath-work, and the use of natural ingredients such as milk, honey, and herbs, we've designed these facials to not only nourish your skin but also create a sense of inner peace and balance. From the cleansing power of glacial water to the calming influence of chamomile, these facials check all the boxes when it comes to promoting healing, relaxation, and revitalization.

Facial Pricing

  • 60 minute service - $120

  • 80 minute service - $150

Nordic Facial

Ideal for oily and inflamed skin, this revitalizing facial incorporates Wim Hof breath techniques, glacial water cleansing, and a soothing massage with cold stones. Experience exfoliation with natural ingredients, a calming hot towel treatment, and a rejuvenating mask with tea bags on the eyes. Concludes with a final round of the Wim Hof breath technique.

Vedic Facial

Specially designed for sensitive skin, this facial incorporates cooling breath practice, moon water cleansing, and gentle exfoliation with natural ingredients. A jojoba oil application with facial and head massage, accompanied by Kansa wand, offers relaxation. A chamomile rice mask with chamomile tea bags on the eyes soothes, while crystals and Kansa balance energy. Concludes with a rose water cleanse, coconut oil application, and a final session of cooling breath practice.

Egyptian Facial

Tailored for dry and aged skin, this holistic facial begins with Ujjay breath-work, followed by skin cleansing using milk with essential oils. Enjoy a honey mask exfoliation, rose water spray, and a Guasha face massage. A wheat or rice flour mask with tea bags on the eyes enhances skin vitality. Relax with a neck and shoulder massage during mask curing, and conclude with a Crystal mask and aloe gel application, ending with another round of Ujjay breathwork.

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